West3D's Rook 3D Printer by Rolohaun Configurator (MK1)

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Great kit

Quality components and a very fun build at a phenomenal price point! The Rook is a very capable printer. If you want to print faster than about 60mm/s I recommend upgrading the hotend to a higher flow version.

If you are new to the hobby, I recommend getting the crimping tool and connector sets add-ons, you will find uses for them!


Phenomenal kit, fast shipping, great customer service after the sale


Please note - this is currently offered as a Beta kit. Read the full description before making a purchase.

Flat shipping for Rook Kits in the USA is $10, Worldwide Shipping is calculated depending on location and service selected.

While core components are there and the BOM is fully supported, it is likely refinements will be made and things like fasteners may not be fully adequate for your particular configuration. Rook kit will ship in standard packaging rather than the Premium Rook Packaging we are planning to use in further batches. We will provide a $10 gift card to all builders of this batch to offset any cost of fasteners or other items you may require. We kindly ask that if anything comes up or you have suggestions to please let us know. Kits will ship out in micro-batches of approximately 5 each week. Expect a slight delay in shipment as we work on these batches. Printed parts are not included as a configuration option in this batch. Once the beta is complete, kits will be stocked and shipped at time of ordering like other products in our store. 

West3D introduces the Rook 3D Printer with it's signature Configurator. Build a Rook that is uniquely yours. Want motors that will make this thing be the first to cross the finish line? Sure, why not! Want to make this direct drive? We got you!

The Rook MK1 combines the high octane speed of a CoreXY printer with a fun and affordable DIY project that will leave you satisfied you made the choice. A open air printer, it does exceptionally well with the most common types of filaments used today (e.g. PLA and PETG). This is a great project printer and one you can enjoy with friends and family! 

To learn more about the Rook, check out the GitHub - all STLs can be found here. We recommend also checking out some community mods, especially some of the ones created by Gulsifer

Please note: We offer the ability to purchase Printed Parts and/or a Raspberry Pi (or alternative) in your configuration selections. The default configuration does not include these items. You may require additional tools, and should have useable knowledge of electronics, AC power, and wiring.

A special thanks to Rolohaun, who both designed and created the Rook as well as fostered a community of modders and innovators who have taken the designs to the next level. Our adventure into building the Rook and offering this one of a kind kit would have gone nowhere without the introduction, guidance and mod support of Gulsifer. We also must send heartfelt gratitude to our favorite media personality, ZombieHedgehog, who without his encouragement, fine build video, and build advice this wouldn't have been possible. 

Please refer to the standard bill of materials listing for the current release below, configurable items are noted as 'configurable':

 Description Unit of Measure Quantity Configurable?
Gates RF Belt 6mm 100mm 30 No
F695 Bearings 3DMakerParts Each 18 Yes (Rain and Dew or BERSERKER)
MGN9C 200mm BERSERKER x 2/ MGN9C 150mm BERSERKER x 1 Set 1 No


Biqu High Temp Nema17 Motors
Each 4
Yes (LDO 42STH48-2804 Super Speeedy Motors)
8mm Linear Rod (200mm) Each 4 No
LM8UU Bearing 45mm Long Each 2 No
Rook BDF Stainless Steel Fastener Kit Set 1 No
TriangleLab CHC V6 Hot End Each 1 Yes (CHC Pro, TD6S)
BMG Extruder (Clone) Each 1 Yes - Orbiter v2.0 or BMG Internals Kit
150mm Glass 3D Printing Surface Set 1 Yes (LDO Aluminium Build Plate with Polyamide Heater and West3D Performance Black PEI Flex Sheet with magnet)
M4 Bed Springs and Bolt Sets Each 3 No
Mornsun 200W PSU Each 1 No
Adam IEC-GS-10-100 Inlet and Rocker Switch Each 1 No
Omron Microswitch Each 1 No
BTT SKR Mini E3 V3 (Pi Not included) Each 1 Yes (MantaM4P with CB1)
GDSTime 3010 Axial 24V Fan Each 1 Yes (GDSTime 4010 Axial, Sunon MagLev 4010 Axial, more options coming)
GDSTime 4010 Blower Fan 24V Each 2 Yes (GDSTime 3010 Blower, GDSTime 4020 Blower, more options coming)
PTFE Tube 100mm 5 No
Misc Items (think decals and such) Set 1 No


Other selections outside of the standard Bill of Materials:

 Description Unit of Measure Quantity Options
Processing Unit

Each 1 Raspberry Pi, BTT Pi
Auxiliary Fan Each 1 GDStime 120mm 24V Blower Fan
Connectors Set 1 JST Connector Set, Molex Connector Kit
Hex Key Set Set 1 West3D Hex Keys
Crimping tool Each 1  IWISS Crimping tool

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