Anodized Kinematics Mount V2.4 / Trident

Variant: V2.4
Style: Standard
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These are the laser-cut kinematic bed mounts for the V2.4 and Trident, meant to limit the effects of heat on your aluminum build plates, otherwise known as the taco effect. 

Comes with all the fasteners you need to get this up and going. Please note, it does not work with the FYSETC kits as they do not follow the spec 150mm spacing requires to use this.

For additional information as well as installation instructions see here.

Please note, this is a made to order item that takes considerable time and attention. Please allow up to four-weeks for delivery.

2.4 kinematic kits come with black anodized aluminum lower pieces and titanium uppers and springs (see pictures); Trident kits have titanium lowers as well.

A few notes:

  • For mechanical reasons, springs are made out of a different grade of titanium, so colors may not match perfectly.

Solid Anodized Kinematics: Solid backers will be of one color, you can select any color from the range below by using the selecting the number that corresponds with your desired color.

Splash Anodized Kinematics: To get contrasting colors, we can pre-anodize at lower voltage, followed by masking, and then re-anodizing at higher voltages. The result is a vibrant pattern of iridescent colors each a little unique.


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