BTT CB1 Computing Core Board Adapter for Manta Controller Boards


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Pete Tewes
Good if you don't have a CM4

For the people who don't want to pay CM4 prices, this is a good alternative. You will be limited in the camera and display functions, but if you just need something for your basic manta board build, this will work.

This isn't a RPi4

Please note that while it serves the same function as the RPi4, this isn't an exact drop-in replacement.

Basically, should you need to burn an OS to the board, I'd like to point out that you don't use the Raspberry Pi OS. Instead, you need to use BTT's version (Google: OS System image for CB1). While it's open source and you can get a precompiled O/S image with Klipper installed, it's definitely not as well-supported.

So why a CB1? There was a time where shortages of Raspberry Pi made it hard to find one for a reasonable price. Also, it turns out that RPi's are overpowered when you want to dedicate a SBC for 3D Printing. CB1's are significantly less powerful, but they fulfill the job just fine.

Also, Mantas have a slot for these boards to plug in so you don't need to run a 5V supply and wires to a separate board. It's a bird's nest under my printer and without labels I need to trace which wire goes where. Having less boards and power supplies means having fewer wires. Who doesn't like that?

wes h.
Works as a drop in Pi replacement

I am using this in a 2.4 with an octopus. This means that I am also using the BTT Pi4 adapter board since the CB1 needs to plug into something, and I don't use the Manta board.
Overall it does what I need it to, which is run klipper/moonraker/mainsail for much less $$$ than a geniune Pi.
I am deducting a star since BTT seems unable to get both Ethernet/WiFi working on the same kernel image, and I need to use both.


Tired of the Pi problem? 

CB1 is a computing core board similar to Raspberry Pi CM4.

1. CPU: Allwinner H616, Quad-core Cortex-A53 @1.5GHz

2. GPU: Mali G31 MP2, support OpenGL3.2


4. Display: HDMI2.0A interface, support 4K display

5. USB 2.0 port

6. 100M Ethernet + 100M WiFi

7. The same BTB header as the Raspberry Pi CM4


Pair this with a Manta M8P and M4P Board! Make it a Raspberry Pi4b with the adapter! Want a heat sink to make it look and feel cooler? Here you go!


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