Deez Ultra High Flow Tungsten Carbide Nozzle


Nozzle Style: .4mm V6 (standard hot ends)
Sale price$64.99


West3D will donate 100% of the profits from Deez sales to support STEM programs and community innovation. 

The Nuts [t͟hē  nuhts ] adjective -  to describe the strongest possible holding given the situation (Poker).

Lay your other nozzles to rest with the one nozzle that may just outlive you. The Deez Ultra High Flow Nozzle is full body K20 Grade Tungsten Carbide, no inserts - we didn't stop at just the tip and we didn't use any other materials. This is a V6 style nozzle made with high flow in mind, toe to toe with a normal V6 nozzle this should perform better by significantly increasing the internal surface area melting the plastic and reducing the distance to the nozzle itself from the center of the plastic.

We carry these in .4mm and .5mm variants, for people using Volcano compatible hot ends we also sell the Deez Spacer.

Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest materials on earth (9 Mohs), has the thermal conductivity of Brass and very low thermal expansion. This nozzle will survive abrasives and anything your printer can throw at it. 

We do not carry hardened steel nozzles because we believe this is truly superior in every way. For the most part, unlike steel nozzles which have relatively low thermal conductivity, you can swap out your brass nozzle for tungsten carbide and keep your printer profiles unchanged!

This product is a collaboration between us, Noctus3D, PrintyPlease and Alex. If you live in the EU, UK, or Australia we recommend purchasing from one of them. 




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