LDO Voron V0.1 Complete Kit

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This is a high quality kit assembled by LDO Motors with all the components required to build a Voron v0.1 except printed parts and raspberry pi.

If you need printed parts we have you covered you can purchase them from us here.

Some highlights:

  • Includes an LDO frame in an assortment of colors (based on availability)
  • LDO Motors (v0.1 Kit)
  • Pre-crimped wire harness
  • 2 flex plates (1x powder coated / 1x smooth)
  • Keenovo Heater
  • Gates Belts
  • LDO Linear rails (stainless steel)
  • BTT SKR Mini V2 Controller

For more information about this kit please refer to LDO's documentation.

Here are the contents of the kit:

Parts Box

Items/Specs/Part NO


Build Plate & Parts Drag Chain, 7x7mm 1
Aluminum Build Plate, 120x120mm Cast Aluminum 1
Keenovo Silicone Heater, 100x100mm,   24VDC 60W, w/ Thermal Fuse 1
Die Springs, Yellow,  8x4x20mm 3
LDO Flex Plate, 120x120mm, Double Side PEI Coated 1
LDO Flex Plate, 120x120mm, Single Side Smooth PEI 1
Rubber Magnetic Pad, 120x120mm 1
Thumb Nut, M3, SS304 3
Electronics & Wiring DC/DC Buck Converter, 24V to 5V 1
MicroSD Card, 16G 1
Blower Fan, 3010, 24V 2
Axial Fan, 3006, 5V 1
AC Inlet 1
Fuse, Slow Blow, 250VAC 2A   2
Heat Cartridge, 24V 50W 1
Thermistor,  NTC 100K B3950 1
LDO V0.1 Cable Kit (pre-cut&wired) 1
Bowden Tubing, 4x3mm 1
Zip Ties, 3x150mm 100
Fasteners, Tools & Misc Shim Washer, 6x3x0.5mm 38
Hex Nut, M2 60
Hex Nut, M3 130
Square Nut, M3 110
Lock Nut, M3 6
Machine Screw, BHCS, M2x6 75
Machine Screw, FHCS, M2x6 12
Machine Screw, SHCS, M2x8 12
Machine Screw, BHCS, M2.5x6 6
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x6 63
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x8 110
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x10 28
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x12 28
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x16 6
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x25 12
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x30 12
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x35 33
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x40 12
Self-tapping Screw, M2x10 17
T Nut, 15x5.4x1.5 2
Brass Heatset Insert, M3x5x4 60
LDO customized Brass Heatset Insert Tool (Solder Tip) 1
3M VHB Tape 1
Rubber Feet, 14x11x9mm 4
Magnets, Neodymium, Round, 6x3mm 10
Drill bit, 2mm 1
Hex Wrench, 1.5mm 3
Hex Wrench, 2mm 1
Hex Wrench, 2.5mm 1
Frame Kit LDO V0 Frame kit (Color options:  Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Gold) 1
Linear Rail Kit LDO customized Linear Rail Mounting Bar for V0.1 5
LDO Stainless Steel Linear Rail Kit 5xLDO-SLR7H-150Z0 1
Motor Kit LDO V0.1 Motor Kit, Teflon coated Z motor leadscrew shaft. 1
LDO Anti Backlash Nut, POM, Tr8X8 1
Panels Side Panel 211mm x 229mm x 3mm Acrylic, Clear 2
Front Door 212mm x 239mm x 3mm Acrylic, Clear 1
Rear Panel 212mm x 248mm x 3mm Acrylic, Matte Black 1
Mid panel 170mm x 230mm x 3mm Acrylic, Matte Black 1
Motor Panel 37mm x 122mm x 3mm Acrylic, Matte Black 1
Deck Panel 172mm x 209mm x 3mm Acrylic, Matte Black 1
TopHat Front/Rear Panel 2mm Acrylic, Clear 2
TopHat Side Panel  2mm Acrylic, Clear 2
TopHat Top Panel 2mm Acrylic, Clear 1
Toolhead & Motion Original Bondtech Drive Gear Kit 1
Teflon Tube, 4x2mm 1
Thumb Screw Assembly 1
Bearing, MR85 2
Bearing, F623-RS 24
Pulley 2GT 20T (6mm wide) (5mm bore) 2
Gates Belt, 2GT RF, 6mm 4 meter
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x30, Partially Threaded 2
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x35, Partially Threaded 3
PSU Meanwell LRS-150-24 1
Controller Bigtreetech SKR mini E3 (v2) 1
Power Cord C13 Power Cord, 1.5 meter 1

Phaetus DragonFly BMO Hotend (Please don't use the SCHC M2.5x6 in the hotend kit, 

and use the BHCS M2.5x6 from hardware kit for mounting)

N/A PVC Wire Duct, 20Wx25H-mm 330mm

RevA, 7/23/2021, by LDO Motors&LDO Systems

RevB, 8/23/2021, by LDO Motors&LDO Systems, removed shipping sensive items, correct pannel thickness.

RevC, 1/6/2021,  by LDO Motors&LDO Systems, add Raspberry Pi heatsink, from DEC/2021 shipment. Serial NO start from V0-2112xxxx


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