Slant Master Spool (KVP) for filament koils

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A little rough on print quality but gets the job done! Using it for my KVP Stellar Blue Koils :)


Purchased a handful of these so I can use KVP filament Koils


Welcome to the world of less spool waste. We’ve worked with Keene Village Plastics (KVP) to provide spooless koils. This is a master spool that can be used and re-used for all your filament koils.

This takes approx 200G of filament, so we aren’t listing this to make much money, but to support the spooless movement, which saves you money and helps our planet. (Cost of a 1KG Koil is approx $10 less than a spooled one!) 

This spool will be printed in a random color, using a random material (usually ABS or PLA). You may get spools of two different colors. Please note these are 3D Printed and are made and tested to be functional, not pretty (we may use untuned profiles based on the printer and filament used.) While the spool allows for a full rotation, often only a quarter is possible (and is all that is needed). These are made to order products and while we try to keep some on hand it may take additional time to ship. This product does not conform to our shipping policy and we do not place a guarantee on shipment service levels.

If you can, please print this yourself using the STL from here


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