West3D's Voron Tap Complete Kit 5v / 24v

Voltage: 5v (DO NOT PLUG INTO A 24V PORT)
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Because of demand of this kit, we will be carrying multiple versions - this is West3D's in house version. 

It's here, Voron Tap - complete PCB with optical sensor (OPB666N) pre soldered, rail w/ carriage and hardware. Printed Parts kits will be available as well at a later date.

Tap is a drop in replacement for the X carriage which includes a nozzle probe mechanism. For Voron Trident and V2 printers. 

Because sometimes screw monsters eat things we include some extras. Here is what is included:

BOM Quantity

West3D Tap Kit Included

1 1 50 mm MGN9 Rail (West3D SS 440C)
1 1 MGN-9H Carriage (West3D Z1 Pre-load)
2 3 6 mm x 3 mm magnet (N52)
11 13 M3 Heatset Insert (Brass)
1 2 M3 Hex Nut (SS304)
6 6 M3 Washer (SS304)
2 3 M3 x 20 SHCS (SS304)
2 3 M3 x 16 SHCS (SS304)
1 2 M3 x 12 SHCS (SS304)
3 4 M3 x 8 SHCS (SS304)
1 3 M3 x 6 SHCS (SS304)
2 3 M3 x 6 FHCS (BLACK OXIDE - Must be magentic)
2 3 M3 x 10 BHCS (SS304)
10 12 M3 x 6 BHCS (SS304)

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