West3D's Undertaker Tungsten Carbide Nozzle


Nozzle Style: V6 (standard hot ends)
Nozzle Diameter: 0.5
Sale price$44.99

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best nozzles evar, i doubt i’ll be using anything else

Great Nozzle

Great nozzle running on a Rapido on my trident. Once the 0.4 is in stock again I’ll be snagging one for my V0.2 as well!!

Wesley Warner
Consistently great

I've ordered a few times from West3D. Each time the shipping is fast with no hassles. I've continued to read at least one of their Discord channels and have been very pleased with each of the interactions I've read through. West3D will continue to get my business.


Availability of our signature nozzle box is limited. If you wish to receive the nozzle box please indicate this in your order notes- it may extend lead times. For your convenience we include at the bottom of this page links to the STL files along with general printing instructions.

Lay your other nozzles to rest with the one nozzle that may just outlive you. The Undertaker Nozzle is full body K20 Grade Tungsten Carbide, no inserts - we didn't stop at just the tip and we didn't use any other materials. This is a V6 style nozzle.

When we set out to develop our own nozzle, we knew right away what it had to be. Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest materials on earth (9 Mohs), has the thermal conductivity of Brass and very low thermal expansion. This nozzle will survive abrasives and anything your printer can throw at it. 

We do not carry hardened steel nozzles because we believe this is truly superior in every way. For the most part, unlike steel nozzles which have relatively low thermal conductivity, you can swap out your brass nozzle for the Undertaker and keep your printer profiles unchanged!


Source: https://try3dp.altervista.org/en/nozzle-materials/

 Nozzle boxes are printed in three parts: The bottom, the spring and the top. The bottom and spring are a solid color of black with glitter (Such as KVP stellar black) or marble filament (we use Atomic Marble). The top/lid piece is printed in two colors with a layer based tool head change (we print at .3mm layer height and use the alternate color on layer 3 and 4 before changing back to the primary color). For black boxes we use the same black used for the bottom and spring, with neon green as the alternative. For marble boxes we use the black glitter filament.

With these files you are free to experiment with your own colors, however we ask that you maintain the general appearance with the sunken 3D logo.

Box Bottom

Box Spring

Box Top

Alternative Insert (no spring, fits 3 nozzles)



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