BERSERKER MGN9H-1R-200/220/230/300/350/400 Linear Rails Viking Skis with Carriages

Length: 200mm

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Aaron Weaver

These rails are so much better than my LDO rails it's not even funny. I used nothing but Zerkers for my V0!

Stuart Taylor
Nice rails

Bought these for my 2.4 voron. There is a noticeable improvement in the smoothness of the xy with these.

Joel Hopper
nice rail

Got it as a replacement for one that felt like it had sand in it. this one is smooth and buttery. Wou;dn't hesitate buying another one.


Up upon the mountain tops of Trysilfjellet ancient Norsemen developed the linear rail ski. Carved out of wood, and smoothed by the hair of the brown bear, legend has it these skis could carry Berserker warriors for hundreds of miles on one push and over rocks and jagged terrain without binding. Nothing could break these skis which were blessed by the gods. Because of their strength these skis were modified to be axe handles, as you see in our own Berserker imagery. 

Fast forward to November 2022, and West3D has remastered the Norse technique and introduced it in 440C stainless steel to its customers. 

Linear Skis are produced on the factory’s newest equipment reserved specifically for manufacture of these rails (vs distributed) resulting in unparalleled uniformity.

BERSERKER rails are another no compromise option in West3D's lineup. These rails are butter smooth and represent the best value in terms of smoothness, consistency, and price in the industry today. We tested many rails to land on these. 

Medium in pre-load, these will not free-fall like cheap little to no pre-load models that are abundant in the marketplace. With higher pre-load comes the need for tighter tolerances, and higher quality suppliers. 

Made from 440C stainless steel, the rails and bearings will not rust, even in humid environments. Shipped dry with functioning grease ports you can easily lube these using our Mobilux EP2 in a syringe, and be ready to roll in no time! 

Note - for a Voron V2 (and other)  users you require rails 50mm larger than you bed size, you will need multiple of these rails (please check your BOM if you're making build to confirm how many mms you need and the correct quantities).

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