Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder V2 (ERCF V2) Kit - (ERCF V2 - 8 Channel + ERCT + ERF + THS))

Version: V2 (8 Channel + Bypass)

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Way different build experience than LDO

This kit was clearly tossed together in a hurry. None of the bags are labeled, so you have to guess what some of the wires are for. No electronics included, must purchase separately. My LDO V2.4 kit had everything I needed (electronics included), each size fastener in a separate bag, and things were clearly grouped by function (motion, fasteners, etc.) I probably should have waited for the LDO ERCFv2 kit.

Ron Allison
Good kit however

The kit is well packaged and seems to be high quality however the only problem I have is the misc screws are not labeled and packaged together in one bag and you have to dig through the bag and figure out the sizes yourself. That's my only complaint.


Love it, it came in quality packaging and arrived very fast.


The current base kit comes without an MMB or ERCF Easy Board - we will be releasing a version with MMB included shortly. In the meantime, if you need an MMB you can head here to purchase one from us separately. You will also want to purchase 2 EZ Drivers here.

Have an ERCF V1 and want to upgrade to the V2? We have you covered, check out our upgrade kit!

West3D has partnered with TriangeLab to bring to you the ERCF V2, sourcing quality components at an affordable price, this kit currently represents one of the best and only products on the market.

This project aims to bring multimaterial capabilities to 3D printers using a single Direct Drive toolhead. While this project is mainly dedicated to be used on VORON printers, it can also be used (or adapted) on any 3D printer that runs Klipper, and potentially RRF.

Excerpt from GitHub:

This is a community-born project and a major update to the Voron ERCF MMU that was started a couple of years ago by Ette. It is endorsed by Ette, and the guiding philosophy wasn't to start again with a new MMU design but to refine what has already proven to be a very capable machine and push it to be the best it can be by simplifying problematic construction, improving reliability and aligning as close as possible to v1.1 BOM. However, the project includes an all-new optional integrated filament buffer system (ERCT), filament cutter option (ERF), a collection of recommended tool head sensor modifications and a bit of Bling! It fully leverages the Happy Hare firmware MMU control software with Klipper Screen extensions.

There is a rapidly growing list of MMUs in the marketplace, from the mass-produced "Fords" who pioneered the market to the "Toyota" that are more recent efficient engineering feat but somehow lacked soul. We consider ERCFv2 the "BMW" - a little over-engineered perhaps but distinctively cool, and you feel good driving it. We hope you enjoy it!

For information regarding the current ERCF V2 project see here.

For information regarding the former ERCF V1 see GitHub here.

This listing comes with all the components (except for printed parts) to make your multi-material ERCF unit.

For a detailed list of items included see below:


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