FYSETC SB CAN bus PCB for Stealthburner w/ Harness and Connectors - Complete




Please read and note the installation instructions and other information found on Fysetc Wiki here. Want to learn a little more about CANbus? Check out our YouTube introduction to CAN.


1. Introduction

The SB CAN Tool Board is a highly integrated printhead control board. Based on STM32F072, running Klipper firmware. Onboard TMC2209 stepper motor driver, AXL345 acceleration sensor, and other necessary interfaces. And comes with a 2.5m 4-core cable for easy out-of-the-box use.

1.1 Feature

  • Based on STM32F072

  • Onboard 1M CAN transceiver

  • Onboard TMC2209

  • 2x 0.5A MAX PWM interface for controllable fan (default VIN power supply, 5V optional)

  • 1x signal input interface (VIN power supply, with level conversion)

  • 2x signal input and output interface (5V power supply, with pull-up resistor)

  • 1X 5V single wire RGB interface (1A MAX)

  • 1x 4A MAX PWM output for heating rod

  • 1x ADC interface for heating rod temperature acquisition

  • MX3.0 2X2 interface for power and CAN signal access

  • 1x Micro USB for firmware uploading

  • Comes with 2.5m 4-core cable, 2x16AWG+2x24AWG

  • Comes with terminal housing and wire crimping tabs


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