Leviathan Controller Board MCU by JNP, Voron Design and LDO Motors for Klipper Printers



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Wonderful board

Great board for printers for ants (West 3D’s micron plus would be a perfect fit for this board). Currently using it on a Voron 2.4 and it works great. Easy setup and great flashing / instructions from LDO motors. Pinout is even screen printed on the board so you never have to look up the pins.

Travis Applegate
Great Controller Board

Great documentation, easy to setup in minutes, and built in power for pi. Ready for 48V gantry if I ever go that route.

Kenneth Hartman
Leviathan Controller Board

Installation Ease

The Leviathan Controller Board is designed with user convenience in mind. Its form factor fits perfectly into the Voron Trident’s electronics compartment, making the installation process straightforward. The board’s layout is well-thought-out, offering clear and well-marked ports for all connections, which minimizes the risk of errors during the setup process.


This MCU is fully compatible with the Voron Trident, supporting all its features without the need for extensive modifications. It interfaces seamlessly with the printer’s existing hardware components, such as sensors, motors, and displays, which is a big plus for those looking to upgrade without hassle.


Once installed, the performance uplift is immediately noticeable. The Leviathan Controller Board MCU improves print speed and precision due to its robust processing power and optimized firmware compatibility. It supports advanced features like quieter stepper driver operation, improved thermal management, and more precise control over motion algorithms, all of which contribute to superior print quality.

Software Integration

The board is compatible with popular 3D printing software and firmware, including Klipper and Marlin, allowing users to take full advantage of its capabilities. The integration process is user-friendly, with plenty of online resources and community support available to help with firmware updates and tuning.

Reliability and Build Quality

Built to last, the Leviathan Controller Board boasts high-quality components that enhance its durability and reliability. It handles high-current loads well, making it suitable for long printing jobs, and operates efficiently under various thermal conditions.

Value for Money

While the Leviathan Controller Board MCU may be a bit pricier than some alternatives, its performance improvements, ease of installation, and reliability make it a worthwhile investment for any Voron Trident owner looking to optimize their 3D printing setup.


The Leviathan Controller Board MCU is an outstanding choice for Voron Trident owners. It offers a substantial upgrade in terms of performance, reliability, and ease of use. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to refine your prints or a professional needing dependable and precise manufacturing tools, this controller board is a compelling option. Its robust feature set and compatibility make it a top recommendation for enhancing the capabilities of the Voron Trident 3D printer.


Want a seriously wicked controller board, designed specifically around VORON? Well here it is!


Why another board?

There was a time when the boards available on the market were either unreliable or just too feature rich. This gave Voron the idea to create their own board.

The target was to implement only the really essential functions that a Voron printer needs (maybe it turned out to be a bit more in the end). It quickly became clear that not everyone can build such a board themselves.

So they looked for a partner who could take on this task and also offer it on the market. This is how the cooperation with LDO came about.

At LDO it would also fit well into the portfolio with the existing kits. So the way was clear for both sides.

Thus the project Leviathan was born.



This Board is designed and developed for Voron printers. It provides all necessary functions. These are the main features:

  • Supports Klipper firmware

  • STM32F446 MCU

  • 1x Vin 24V Mainsupply (polarity and overvoltage protected)

  • 1x Vin 24-48V TMC5160 supply (polarity and overvoltage protected)

  • 4x Thermistor inputs

  • 4x Fan outputs (with tacho signal support, 5/24V via jumpers)

  • 1x Probe input (5/24V via jumper)

  • 1x Filamentsensor input (5V tolerant)

  • 1x Neopixel output

  • 3x Endstop inputs (5V tolerant)

  • 1x Hotend heater output (max. 180 W, 7.5 A)

  • 1x Heatbed heater output (max. 240 W, 10 A)

  • 1x dimmable LED-strip output (350mA constant current source)

  • 1x EXP1 port

  • 1x EXP2 port

  • 1x Extension port (4x ADC, 1xUART, 1xSPI or 1xCAN, 10GPIO, 3.3V@0.5A, 5V0.5A, 24V@0.5A)

  • 1x STM32 programmer interface (backup)

  • 1x USB-C interface

  • 1x CAN Bus interface (MicroFit 3.0 connector)

  • 1x RPi Powersupply (5-pin JST-XH connector with UART support)

  • Mountig holes for RPi Zero 2W and RPi3/4

  • Better stepper driver cooling

  • Dimensions: 170x100mm, Mounting holes: 160x90mm

Manual as of 11-17-2023 is here.

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