Motion Perfect Linear Rail (Guideway) and Carriage (Car) MGN12

Motion Perfect Linear Rail (Rail Length): 300mm

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Better than Hiwin!

I currently have Hiwin rails and carriages on X and Y on my Voron 2.4 and thought they were the linear rail endgame. I am always chasing the dragon and decided to give these Motion Perfect rails and carriages a try, and I am blown away. They are buttery smooth out of the box and have the perfect amount of preload. There is 0 play in the carriage. So far I have only purchased and installed the rail on X, but I am very impressed. I will update once I run an input shaper pass to see if this rock solid rail improves my shaper tune.
Also, a huge plus is these rails are maintenance free! No cleaning ball bearings and repacking with grease! Again I'm very impressed with these, but they are expensive... But if you have the income and want the best for your printer, I dont think you will be disappointed!


West3D has partnered with the industry leading Japanese rail and carriage manufacturer to bring to its quality hungry customers the highest precision, lowest maintenance linear rail on the consumer market. There is no comparison from a Motion Perfect rail to any other linear rail offered to consumers, without a doubt it's not even close these rails are in a different class.

Designed for precision industrial equipment, these linear rails feature near perfect machining, parallelism, and have an extremely high tolerance, allowing carriages to be freely exchanged between rails (hello multiple toolheads!). Motion Perfect carriages are completely contained and sealed, self-lubricating, and come with a 10 year or 20,000 KM warranty from the manufacturer. When you do need to replace your carriage, your cost is reduced as you only need to purchase a new carriage and slide it on! 

Our MGN12 Rails are designed to have a medium pre-load, they will feel incredibly smooth but you'll notice a slight resistance. This is intentional to reduce axial play on toolheads.

These come pre-lubricated using industrial high temp oil specifically designed by IKO for their motion systems. While you may wipe the rail it is not recommended to soak, remove or re-lubricate the motion system as it is designed to be self-lubricating and sealed. 

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