PCB Klicky Probe Kit - Complete


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Kevin Deck
Great Kit

Everything came quickly and as advertised! Printed parts are of good quality and everything assembled without a problem.

Aaron Weaver
Worth every penny

No glue needed, that alone is worth a lot! This is a wonderful upgrade over the printed Klicky!

Works perfectly!

Even with my blunder of using the wrong sized headsets the first time, and forgetting that I don't need to headset the front facing hole on the docking port. Those are all user errors, all in all the probe itself is great!! I just love all the included spares, as in this rare case, I actually needed them all!


Update( 02/11/24): Newer batches of PCB Klicky probes will use the Omron D2F-L switch, instead of the switches pictured. The older switches were not optimal for our use case in warm chambers.

Does the bees have knees? Or just PCBs?

This should be easier to put together than the traditional Klicky - magnets falling out, no more! This fits the same form factor, docks and mounts as the standard Klicky Probe. 

This is a complete set, including printed parts specific for the PCB assembly (some klicky printed parts still required), assembled PCB and hardware.

Based on two legends: the Klicky Probe by JosAr and the Euclid Probe

This design attempts to replicate Klicky as closely as possible using a PCB-based design, to try and achieve the following aims:

  1. Reduce the problem of magnets working lose or seating poorly in printed parts
  2. Increase the current being switched, which might possibly result in a longer switch lifetime.
  3. Add LEDs.

For more information check out the GitHub page.

This is not compatible with Voron V0.


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