Plastic Repellent Paint™

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Ryan Dunkley
Works Well!

I was skeptical of this product from slice. But it works quite well. Drys quickly, seems to withstand the heat and my nozzle is nice and clean. Plus a little goes a long way, I now have plenty for my other nozzles/reapplication.


Haven't used it yet but west3d is always fast on everything from shipping to responding to questions.


Product Description:

Got a sticky nozzle? Sick of plastic sticking to it all the time? Plastic Repellent Paint™ by Slice Engineering® is the solution for you!

Plastic Repellent Paint™ is a revolutionary, water-based, PTFE nanosuspension that repels plastic from the outside of your nozzle and hot block. Which is awesome, because it prevents that annoying plastic buildup that causes print failures! Plastic Repellent Paint™  can be applied in seconds using the vial's brush top, forming a dry, transparent coating that endures print temperatures up to 290°C. Keep your nozzle clean with some high-tech space magic, and worry no more.

Primary benefits:

  • Water-based PTFE nanosuspension
  • Repels plastic from the outside of your nozzle and hot block
  • Applies quickly and uniformly with the vial's brush top
  • Bonds with clean metal surfaces upon first heating to form a dry, transparent coating
  • Endures printing temperatures up to 290°C
  • Each vial contains 3 cc of Plastic Repellent Paint™

The Safety Data Sheet for Plastic Repellent Paint™ can be found on Slice's Documentation page.

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