ProtoPasta Nebula Cotton Candy Pastel Multicolor HTPLA 500g




Sweet like Cotton Candy!

  • A new variant inspired by Nebula w/ a smooth, creamy finish
  • Compare to Nebula Silver Silk, but w/ low gloss pastel finish
  • An Endless PLA filament with pastel blue, purple, & pink finish
  • Results will vary as every color transition and spool is unique
  • Designed & produced by Protoplant, makers of Protopasta

What is HTPLA and how does it work?

Protopasta HTPLA is PLA that can be heat treated for higher temperature resistance compared to standard PLA. Heat treating changes the material structure from amorphous to crystalline. While amorphous structures change drastically near their glass transition temperature (Tg), crystalline structures maintain useful properties above Tg and towards melting (Tm). Thus, heat treating greatly increases the useful range as seen by the difference between Tg and Tm in the DSC results below.


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