Prusa MK3 Heated Bed (TriangleLab) with Flex Plate


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James Lobsenz
Good vendor for this item

I shorted out the original bed (almost started a fire!) so needed this replacement. Good communication from the customer service team - they responded quickly to a question and shipped reasonably fast. This board has soldered connection points which is not a problem, but I was hoping to just screw in the terminals of the new board without having to open the enclosure for the Prusa MKs3 board - so was not able to do this just FYI. But it was easy enough to install anyway.

The included power wires are considerably stiffer than the standard Prusa wires; I'll assume this will not be an issue but it could be an indication of lower quality or a potential repetitive strain failure in the future.

My first impressions of the performance is excellent. I got some of the nicest and trouble free prints I've had with this heatbed and the included plate which has a very fine texture (I did change the nozzle for the first time in a while FWIW). Overall this is a great value for the price. Happy with the west3d store and the heatbed/plate.

Nick D.
Perfect for Switchwire

So I bought one of these after my LDO Voron SwitchWire bed got mangled (blob of death & then some led to catastrophic failure).

It's worked great for 10 months now! Only thing I wish this bed had was either longer pre-terminated wire leads (the stock ones are meant for a Prusa) or ring terminals.


Flex-plate ready 24V heated bed/build plate (MK52) for Prusa MK3/MK3S printers. Magnets, heater wires and thermistor already installed. Includes Prusa heated bed strain relief parts (3D printed). 


BONUS - We are including a free flex plate to fit this with purchase!


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