Umbilical PCB Set for Voron V0.1 Complete Assembled Toolhead + Frame



This mod adds two PCBs (Frame PCB, Toolhead PCB) and a cable (sold here: Umbilical Cable) to the V0.1 that can aid in wire management and routing as well as making the toolhead able to be swappable. The frame PCB mounts between the A/B motors at the back of the printer and condenses the heater, thermistor, part cooling fan, hotend cooling fan, extruder motor and the X-endstop into a single 14 pin Micro-Fit 3.0 connector while also adding a chamber thermistor and hookups for 3 continous NeoPixel (WS2812) strips. This is the set of PCBs, the wiring harness needs to be sourced seperately.

This mod was designed by Tim Abraham (timmit99) and open sourced, you can find additional information here

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