2.5Nm / 1.8Nm / 1.4Nm Torque Wrench

Torque: 1.4Nm
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Nate Holmes
Right on the Money

Couple things, I tested this torque wrench (2.5 nm or 22.127 in-lb) against a precise torque wrench rated for 0-30 in-lb. and it consistently gave way at about 22.5 in-lb, which is great! However, the quality of the sockets is sub-par, both socket square-drives were really off-center.

Stephen Hurd
Cold tighten works for me (usually)

For normal ABS usage, using this with a cold tighten on my Dragon and Revo has never leaked. Perfect torque every time, and simplest way to take advantage of the one-handed nozzle change Slice doesn't want you to have.

For higher temp filament (like PC) though, you still need to hot-tighten. Torque wrench still makes it easier, and less likely to wreck something.


What can I say? It's a torque wrench. It torques.


This nifty torque wrench is preset to either 1.4nm, 1.8nm or 2.5nm (based on the purchased item) to work with your compatible hot end. It comes with 7mm and 8mm sockets and is compatible with most nozzles (V6 and MK8). If you are using a CHT nozzle, it requires a 6mm socket which is not included in this set. The crab torque wrench set does include this and is recommended for the CHT nozzle. You can find it here.

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