ChaoticLab Right Angle Bracket CNC Precision Machined For Voron Trident / V2.4

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Worked fairly well. Kind of hard to use, and wish the tolerances were just a little bit tighter.

Does what it needs to do, but you need 3 hands to use one. Or maybe tape.

You'll need to watch the video to figure out how to use it.

The tool itself is pretty informative but it's not perfect. There's a bit of give so you won't get extremely precise angles. Also, even though it constrains the extrusions to 90 degrees on the x-y plane, you need 3 hands to hold each extrusion tightly against the tool. If you don't, you'll find after tightening the screws that one of the three extrusions will not be flush with the others and you will need to do it again.

As a sidenote, try to get one of these at the start if you plan to use one. It's kind of a pain to take the Z-drives off if you want to realign the frame after the entire has been built. Not impossible, but wires, skirts, and other things get in the way.


It certainly helps to ensure the frame is properly built.


This is a life... errr I mean time saver when it comes to squaring your frame. Compatible with both Voron V2.4 and Trident - this right angle bracket is made of Aluminum Alloy and fits standard Misumi style 2020 extrusions. Comes with 1 bracket, for best results we recommend 2.

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