Delta 2510 5V 3 Pin Wire Axial Fan ASB02505SHA-AY6B


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Little monster

I have tried few Mellow 2510 and few Sunons on different voltages and RPM. Noone comes even close to this. I don't have equipment to measure how hard it pushes air in numbers, but it feels much stronger than other 2510 that I've tried and hotend cooling speed about the same as for 4010 red sunon on stealthburner. 5v trickier to wire on EBB/SHT boards, but if you decided to have hotend cooling 2510-based, get this fan. it is the best.
Regarding noise - yes it has some hi-freq "screaming" noise, but if you'll put some foam tape in between 2 plastic surfaces (toolhead-fan) you'll get less noise. + hi freq much easier to dampen with enclosure. In comparison, Bamboo P1P toolhead much louder and present than 2510 + 2 4010 blowers.

Ryan Dunkley
Amazing Fan

Its tiny, but mighty. I use this on my xol2 toolhead and it does an amazing job cooling my dragon HF. I suspect it would do well on almost any toolhead. It moves tons of air, is pretty quiet for the amount of power it has, and so far has held up well in my 60c chamber.

Great fan

Great 12V fan. It moves a ton of air and has been running reliably for me so far.


Use this Delta Delta ASB02505SHA-AY6B as a great little fan (25x25x10mm) for your 3D Printer and a recommended fan also for the Xol-toolhead, considered to be one of the best you can get.


Current: DC

Voltage: 5V

Airflow: 4.3 CFM

Noise: 31 DBA

Speed: 15000 RPM

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