E3D Revo™ Voron Edition RapidChange Hot End (Revo Voron) 24V

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Style: Revo Voron Hot End w/ .4mm nozzle
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Decent Hotend

A little pricey, but the quick change nozzles are really nice and came assembled. No modifications needed to wires for it to plug into my toolhead board too. I don't personally print with a high flow, so I can't judge it on that regard, but I have heard from others that this may not be the hotend for that. Also, it looks cool, so style points!

Reliable option

I have 2 of these now and a ton of standard and high flow nozzles. very happy with it.

Nice but fragile

Yes, heats up fast, good flow. However the Revo nozzles are WEAK. They bend extremely easily. Between my friend and I - running Voron 2.4 + Tridents, we have about 8 bent nozzles. It doesn't take much to bend - let's say you are a tiny bit too close and drag the nozzle one time - it's bent. There's a tool out there to straighten them but it doesn't solve the weakness of the structure. E3D needs to thicken that .4mm wall tube. You can bend it with your fingers. I would not recommend this for 2 reasons - 1) very weak nozzles, 2) expensive for what it is.


You can grab your Nozzles here.

 Remember to check under the plastic liner for additional cables contained with the hot end.

E3D developed this Revo-compatible cold side in collaboration with Team Voron. It’s intended for use with the Voron StealthBurner, which includes an integrated cold side fan. It’s compatible with our Revo ecosystem, so you can change nozzle size without tools or hot tightening using just your fingers.

  • Uses Revo Nozzles – change nozzles cold, no tools, no hot tightening
  • Works with a Revo HeaterCore for faster heat-ups
  • Rigid mounting using 4 x M3 x 0.5 bolts
  • Ultra-lightweight construction for improved speed performance
  • Ideal HotEnd for Voron StealthBurner
  • Heatsink is licensed under GPL V3
  • Compatible with Voron Afterburner/Stealthburner, Legacy, Switchwire, Trident, Voron 0, Voron 1, Voron 2

Ready for Revo. A groove at the bottom of the sink accepts a Revo HeaterCore spring. It’s compatible with our Revo ecosystem, so you can change nozzle without tools or hot tightening using just your fingers.

Complements your Voron. Includes an anodised red aluminium heatsink to complement your Voron accented parts.

Rigid mounting. This is a rigid mounted design that uses four M3 x 0.5 bolts to secure to your Voron 3D printer.

Open-source design. We’ve made this cold side (everything above the HeaterCore, including the receptacle for the Revo Nozzle) open hardware licensed under the GPL V3. This means if you have an alternative design for this, you are able to work with it.

See it in action:


Please note:

- For full mounting instructions and STL files for Voron printed parts visit: https://docs.vorondesign.com/ 

- You may need to adjust your Z offset when changing nozzles.


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