High Temp Magnet Sheet - GraviFlex® 200 - Schallenkammer strong hold Magnetic Base with adhesive for Flex Plates

Size: 355x355mm
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Greg from Bellingham, WA
Top quality product and service!

Was having problems with the heated magnetic bed on my Snapmaker A350 not being flat. I installed a glass plate on the heatbed, but after printing on it for a bit, I found that I still prefer printing on the stock build plate. Tried clips for a while, to hold the build plate on to the glass, but found it to be cumbersome to remove prints.

I then started looking for alternatives to the clips and found a slightly larger size of this magnetic sheet on West3D and trimmed it to fit. Excellent holding power from the magnet. High temp, so it should last a long time. Good heat transfer. Very nice quality magnet.

I was therefore very happy with my purchase, and with West3D. Quick delivery. Well packaged. Great communication. They actually seem to care. Very nice company to do business with. I am looking forward to furthering my relationship with them.

My printer is now operating beautifully, with a very flat bed that works just like the original machine, without all the issues that come along with a non-flat bed. Outstanding.

Upgrade from cheap kit magnets

The cheap V0.2 kit I built had problems with the steel sheet lifting at the corners when printing large ABS parts. Got this after reading a few recommendations on the Voron Discord. It doesn't feel like the sheet sticks to this magnet any stronger than my old one, but it seems to be keeping the corners stuck down with previous problem prints.

It's intentionally oversized and easy to trim to exactly your bed size with an X-acto parallel to the edge of the plate.

For the price it's worth a try if your steel sheet is warping on large prints.

sold bed magnets.

ordered the 355 and the 255 for two different printers both were packed very well for shipping packed between two pieces of carboard they both came in exclennt condition and are solid magnets remember you can trim the excess off for smaller plates


These high quality magnet sheets have a strong magnetic force and can operate at high temperatures which makes them perfect for 3D printer flex plates.

You don't need to stress about aligning these magnet sheets perfectly when installing them on to your aluminum plate.

This is an anisotropic*, multi-pole magnet sheet with a max constant operating temperature of 120°C (short-term up to 200°C). The magnet sheet comes with Lohman adhesive pre-applied to one side.

Made in Germany by Schallenkammer Magnetsysteme.

Product Specs:

  • Material thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Remanence Br: 243–263 mT
  • Coercive field strength HcB: 179–203 kA/m
  • Coercive field strength HcJ: 211–257 kA/m
  • Energy product (W×H)max.: 11.1–13.5 kJ/m³
  • Adhesive force: approx. 130 g/cm²*

Anisotropic - Magnetized in a predetermined direction leading to higher adhesive force than regular isotropic magnets.

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