Klipper 3D Printer Hot Key Buttons (Hot-Key Voron Skirt Buttons)


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Mostly great mod

In general I like this mod. Adds a lot of custom buttons to my Voron 2.4 build.

Few problems though:
- Package includes 5 short and 5 long wires that you are supposed to connect to main PCB with 2 buttons on it. Assuming you plan to have 6 buttons on left skirt and 6 on right, you need 6 long wires, not 5. So I had to DYI extend one short wire.
- PCBs use some unusual connector I didn't have available, so I had to cut wire and solder wire extension. Would be great if PCBs use more usual JST-PH instead
- Had hard time printing button caps so they attach well to PCBs and don't fall out. Not the best design IMO


Upgrade your 3D printer with Klipper's Hot Key Buttons! These LED buttons provide a flair of style and convenience that can't be matched. Make printing simpler and cooler with just a push of the button!

This is a large PCB board with 12 removable, assignable and controllable LED buttons, and wiring. Create macros / assign commands for things like shutdown, filament load and unload, or anything else your heart desires. 

3D print custom faces to give your printer a unique style. 

STLs and Other Info can be found here

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