Mosquito® Magnum Hotend

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This is the Mosquito® Magnum - a great upgrade to your hotend for the individual who wants to optimize their printer performance and increase flow even  more than from the Mosquito®.

Please note: this item does not include a heater and heater cartridge. Boron paste is also recommended.

From Slice Engineering:

Mosquito® Magnum shares all of the benefits of the Mosquito® Hotend, plus a 25% increase in flow rate capacity! With unmatched heat break performance, a high-temperature rating, low mass, and the famous One-handed Nozzle Change™, it is the ideal engineering-grade addition to your 3D printer. 

How did we accomplish this? 

We reimagined hotend design and structure from the ground up. Hand-selected materials execute specific tasks in each part of the Mosquito® Magnum to optimize your printer’s performance. 

Some might say it’s overkill. But we say it’s necessary to create something truly excellent.

We highly recommend the use of Boron Nitride Paste with the Mosquito® Magnum to provide good thermal conductivity between the hotend and heater/thermistor.

Unique Selling Points



Ultra thin-walled Bimetallic Heat Break™

  1. Eliminate heat creep and reduce jamming
  2. Improve resolution
  3. Lower retraction improves speed

Rugged structure

  1. One-handed Nozzle Change™ allows for the simplest nozzle change procedure of any hotend
  2. A “roll cage” design protects the delicate heat break from crashes and other abuse

Copper alloy hot block

  1. Mosquito® achieves a 500°C rating for the most demanding tasks
  2. Print every available filament, from basic PLAs to custom medical-grade PAEKs
  3. Durable nickel-based coating reduces plastic buildup 
  4. Unsurpassed thermal conductivity of 320 W/mK

Modular & Adaptable

  1. Designed like a Lego kit with interchangeable parts
  2. Most compact high flow hotend 
  3. Ambidextrous design


  1. Four different direct mounting options, numerous machined adapters, innumerable adapter possibilities to mount to any 3D printer
  2. Ideal for multi extrusion setups - mount two extruders back-to-back with a separation distance as small as 15 mm
  3. Precise, torque-resistant mounting interface 


  1. Low mass on the carriage for maximum X-Y acceleration

Primary benefits:

  • The Mosquito® Magnum prints upwards of 30 mm^3/sec
  • A thermal insulator protects the extended melt zone from the effects of active cooling and radiative heat loss. It has a heat transmission rate as low as 3 W/m*K, meaning you can have ultimate confidence in the speed of your print, while at the same time maintaining the high resolution benefits achieved with the standard Mosquito® Hotend
  • The melt zone is extended proximally upwards to maintain a small form factor
  • Compatible with Rep Rap style nozzles which are characterized by their M6 x 1.0 threads, 7 mm threaded length, and 12.5 mm overall length
  • A multi extrusion setup with both high flow and high resolution optimized designs can be created without needing to purchase new nozzles or make carriage modifications to accommodate hotends of different sizes
  • Installation and assembly instructions available on our Documentation page

Kit Includes:

  • Mosquito® Magnum Hotend
  • Mosquito® Magnum Mounting Hardware
  • Set of Mosquito® Magnum  hex keys for assembly, disassembly and mounting
  • Original Gourmet US-made lollipops

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