Umbilical Toolhead Harness (Toolhead to Frame PCB) 14-pin

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Fixed my problem!

I originally bought a cheap umbilical cable off of Amazon, and I had all kinds of problems with my printer. Thermistor was constantly spiking and giving crazy readings, fans wouldn't turn in other times. It was all super frustrating. I took apart my printer to try to diagnose the problem, and that did help. I reflowed the solder on my umbilical boards and that didn't do anything. Finally I swapped out the crappy umbilical cable for this one and now I'm back in business. Highly recommend!


Nice looking and working wires.. replaced the non working onese I got elsewhere


This mod adds two PCBs (Frame PCB, Toolhead PCB) and a cable (Umbilical Cable, listed here) to the V0.1 that can aid in wire management and routing as well as making the toolhead able to be swappable. 

This is the 14-pin Umbilical cable that connect the Frame and Toolhead PCBs together. We have sourced this using 20AWG UL1332 (200C 300V) wire, neatly wrapped in a cable loom that terminates neatly into heatshrink. Pin-to-Pin measurement is 240mm.

This mod was designed by Tim Abraham (timmit99) and open sourced, you can find additional information here

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