V6 Plated Copper / Titanium Alloy Hotend Kit

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Avoid this hotend

I ordered two v6 hot ends over 6 months ago and I spent those months fighting the heat creep. The fan supplied is not efficient enough, and even after upgrading the fan , the heat creep continues. I've tried everything from the fan upgrades, to larger nozzles, and even high flow nozzles, but nothing seems to work. I've tested every piece.

I would not recommend this hot end as an alternative to the higher priced all metal hot ends and would suggest saving up for those upgrade.

Hi Jacob, thank you for your review and feedback. The V6 is a sort of tried and true hot end, issues like you mention may occur for a variety of reasons but as you mention some hot ends like the XG are specifically designed to limit heat creep.


This is a great little V6 hot end kit from TriangleLab. It includes:

  • V6 Plated Copper Nozzle (.4mm)
  • V6 Plated Copper Heat block
  • Titanium Alloy Heat Break
  • V6 Heatsink
  • 3010 Fan
  • 3010 Fan Bracket
  • 40w 24V Heater Cartridge (6x20mm)
  • 104GT-2 Thermistor Cartridge
  • Silicone Sock

If you plan to print with materials over 290C, please also add a PT1000 thermistor or other high temp variant.

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