What's in the F**kin' box?! (WITB / WITFB)

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Pete T
Are ya feelin' lucky!?! Want a good surprise? Get this!

I've purchased this item a few times with orders and have always been pleasantly surprised with what I've gotten. I am always in the 20-30 dollar range with my splurge and I've gotten filament that I would have never ordered myself, but ended up making some cool kids toys for the minions and was a huge success. I also got a fist full of hardware kits one time. How did they know I needed more heat inserts and M3*30mm screws!?! It's like they can read my mind! Just do it, you will be glad you did!


Always buy one of these it’s just worth it

David Brown
Always a wonderful surprise!

Even the stuff I looked at and said "Huh, neat, I'll never use that" I find my self reaching for first now. Always a great deal!


Please note, there is a minimum of $5 for a WITFB to ship to you. 

What is it? Well, it's a box that you're buying - but that box has something in it. What that is, well that's for us to know and for you to find out. Add any value of $5 or more here and we'll find something in our shop that is worth at least the amount you paid for (at least to us, your mileage may vary). 

There are no returns on WITFB, the point is to have fun buying boxes.

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