Phaetus aeWorthy ASA-GF GLASS FILLED ASA (Multiple Colors) 3D Printer Filament 1KG 1.75mm


Color: Blue
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Best Reinforced Filament I've used So Far

I had bought some ASA and ABS from Alan(MandicReally), when he had his moving sale. One of the spools I got, is Blue aeWorthy ASA-GF. I have used it for two prints so far. I wanted to print a vice for my Mini Mill. I knew I needed to use ABS or ASA. I thought, lets try the ASA-GF. 0.6mm nozzle with .24mm layer height. 4 walls and 10 top and bottom layers. It came out looking great and is super strong. Layer adhesion came out great. My temp is at 255C and I had to turn the flow rate down to 90%. At the moment, I have the VFD mount for my Mini Mill printing. Ignore the slight over extrusion still. in the picture of that.

The only negative that I have, the smell is the strongest of any Styrene based filament that I've came across so far. I have a Bento Box with some server fans in it. I even have the Chamber Filter Fan in my P1S, running at 30% to try and help.

That being said, I will be buying plenty more Phaetus filament from West3D from here on. Especially the ASA-GF.

P.S. I wish I would've bought my Mil0 v1.5 from West3D. I'm never buying anything from the distributor that I go it from, ever again, I had to re-print 90% of the parts that they sent me.


Great filament once you get it dialed, layer adhesion is garbage if you dont have your temps and EM on point which turned out to be tricky since the difference between under and over extruded had very little noticeable appearance, the surface finish hides everything. This is my new goto for the time being.


This stuffs great


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