Magnetic Flex Plate Double-Sided and Single-Sided (Energetic & West3D Collab)

EnergeticSKU: DS-SMTHTXT-450

Size: 450x450mm
Logo: Yes Logo
Style: Double-Sided smooth/texture

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Eric McDade
Great upgrade.

These are solid well made flex plates. I recommend one side textured and one side smooth to provide you with options - both print well and the textured deffinetly has great adhesion.

Super grip for V0

I’m getting great bed adhesion from smooth and textured sides.

Stellar quality

The print sheet i ordered (one side textured, other smooth, for prusa mini) was more than adequately packaged, and even came with a lollipop! Delicious in my opinion.

The sheet quality so far seems to be pretty good. I haven't ran into any issues so far (has about 75 print hours on it already) and prints stick well, and come off easily once it is semi-cold. The textured side leaves a very nice consistent texture on the bottom of my prints, they don't even look 3D printed from the bottom!

Overall 9/10 on my experience with this order. My only complaint was that it did take a little while to be shipped, and the initial shop link provided added a bit of confusion, though i am sure this has nothing to do with the seller themselves. So, not taking into account those issues, 10/10.


Not many can say they have more selection than West3D, build surfaces is no exception. If you're not finding what you're looking for here, check our our other Flexible Build Surface Options:

West3D and Energetic Collab design - Double-sided PEI spring steel sheet (options for textured (powder coated) and smooth, or double sided smooth). Our flex steel sheets are .5mm thick without the PEI coating, and approximately 1mm thick with both PEI sides. 

Disclaimer: The smooth side has a protective film to prevent damage during shipment. Please remove this film before use.

This flex plate is oversized to make removing and fitting to the build plate easy, and features options for either plain or logo'd on the smooth side. For double-sided smooth flex plates “Yes Logo” means we put the logo on one side and not on the other. Logo means "West3D" laser etched into the sheet.

For Voron Sizes:

For 350mm builds order a 355mm
For 300mm builds order a 305mm
For 250mm builds order a 255mm
For V0.1 builds order a 125mm

For other printers please review the sizing required for your particular model.

Popular Models:
320x310mm - CR10s Pro(v2)/CR10V2/V3 Ender 3 Max
254x241mm - Prusa MK3(s) / MK2.5
235x235mm - Ender 3 (3,3X,Pro etc.), Ender 5, Cr-20, CR-20 Pro, Geetech A10 etc.
196.3x190mm - Prusa Mini
180x180mm - RatRig V-Minion
160x160mm - SaladFork

We have our very own PNG for our logo build plates for use in your favorite slicer, thanks Kyleisah#2433! 

*PLEASE NOTE: This product is not affiliated or endorsed by Voron Design.

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