West3D's Ultra Rugged PEI Bed Flex Plates

Size: 355x355mm (For 350mm Build Plates)
Style: Single-Sided Smooth PEI
Sale price$81.00

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Matt Graham
Really Durable

This is a really thick, durable build sheet. I have had no issues with ASA, TPU (With hairspray to protect the sheet) or ABS sticking to it. I will probably be buying a few more.


Not many can say they have more selection than West3D, build surfaces is no exception. If you're not finding what you're looking for here, check our our other Flexible Build Surface Options:
West3D's own spring steel PEI sheet made 30% thicker than our traditional plates and more than double the thickness of market standards this is sheet more durable and should last longer than you're used to. Our flex steel sheets are .65mm thick without the PEI coating, and our PEI is approximately .3mm thick.

Like our other flex plates these plate are oversized to make removing and fitting to the build plate easy, and features options for either plain or logo'd on the smooth side. 

Note: When using PETG on the smooth side it will stick like crazy, use a separating agent like a glue stick, not doing so risks damaging or even peeling off the film. 

We have our very own PNG for our logo build plates for use in your favorite slicer, thanks Kyleisah#2433! 

*PLEASE NOTE: This product is not affiliated or endorsed by Voron Design.

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