West3D's High Performance Black PEI Bed Flex Plates

Size: 355x355mm (For 350mm Build Plates)
Logo: Yes Logo
Style: Double-Sided smooth/texture
Sale price€74,95

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michael D.
These are now THE beds I use for PLA on my Voron

I bought West3D's smooth PEI sheets for my Voron 2.4 because I was having a bad time getting PLA to stick with the textured sheet LDO includes in the kit (which is a great build plate, just not for PLA), and these were recommended as an alternative.

Before you question my sanity using a Voron for PLA over the materials it's really designed to run (ABS/ASA and such), please understand that I use my Voron to print template pieces and hole patterns (they're large pieces that are only a few layers thick) and mounting templates for various projects, so I need the 350mm bed more than the speed (which never hurts to have) and I don't need to run expensive filaments to get the job done.

Once the sheet came in, I gave it a quick scuffing with #0000 steel wool (as was suggested with the recommendation - if that's a no-no, sorry West3D but it worked like a charm!) and a quick wash with dish soap. Let it dry, installed it, and that was it - problem SOLVED.

These are now the only beds I will be using for PLA, it stuck PERFECTLY.

Steven McLenachen
Great build plate!

The double sided smooth build plate has been working well for me, i do find that a wash with some dish soap and water really gets the first layer to stay down good. I haven't had to do any other prep.

Jose Jimenez Chavez
Very guud

Very nice, feel guud, stick good, release good


Not many can say they have more selection than West3D, build surfaces is no exception. If you're not finding what you're looking for here, check our our other Flexible Build Surface Options:
West3D's own spring steel black PEI sheet (option for single/double sided). Our flex steel sheets and PEI are thicker than industry standards to provide a longer lasting and more durable sheet.
Because convenience is sometimes having more, instead of just having one print surface we offer these double sided as well with a texture surface that leaves an ultra-fine texture finish on your prints.

Like our other flex plates these plate are oversized to make removing and fitting to the build plate easy, and features options for either plain or logo'd on the smooth side. For double-sided flex plates “Yes Logo” means we put the logo on one side and not on the other.
Note: When using PETG on the smooth side it will stick like crazy, use a separating agent like a glue stick, not doing so risks damaging or even peeling off the film. 
Small impressions may occur when printing on the smooth side, these will diminish when re-heated, we have seen no adverse impact on our prints. 
For Voron Sizes:
For 350mm builds order a 355mm
For 300mm builds order a 305mm
For 250mm builds order a 255mm
For V0.1 builds order a 125mm

We have our very own PNG for our logo build plates for use in your favorite slicer, thanks Kyleisah#2433! 
*PLEASE NOTE: This product is not affiliated or endorsed by Voron Design.

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