Community Week 11/12-11/18 - West3D 3D Printing Supplies

COMMUNITY WEEK is on again at West3D, from 11/12-11/18 we are sending our well wishes to others. 


For orders over a certain value we will send you a gift card/code AND for orders of ANY value we will donate to a community organization to perpetuate good things (gifts sent after 11/12): 

$200-349: $10 Gift Card; 

$350-599: $20 Gift Card; 

$600+: $40 Gift Card 


Community Beneficiaries:
Sunday- Provok3d // 2% Donated to Sanjay Mortimer Foundation (

Monday - Tensor3D  // 2% Donated to Voron Design

Tuesday XR Bunker  // 2% Donated to Family Dogs

Wednesday- Mandala Roseworks  // 2% Donated to Voron Design

Thursday - MN LaserCutting  // 2% Donated to Girls Who Code

Friday- DLLPDF  // 2% Donated to Gearheads Robotics Club (Grade 6-8)

Saturday- Thrive-3D  // 2% Donated to The Quadrangles FIRST team(Grade 9-12


All qualifying international orders will receive a gift card from either, PrintyPlease, DHM-Online or Alchemy3D to support our friends across the pond.

Please note, shipping, tax and duty is not calculated in the total amounts. (e.g. you purchase something for $99.99 and pay $100 for super overnight shipping, your order value is $99.99). 

If you wish to change your gift card to a donation to a non-profit please indicate that in the notes and we can accommodate this request.

Gift cards will be provided to the contact information on file after community week ends. Please allow for up to 5 business days to receive your gift card (these are purchased and coordinated with each community partner manually). 

Not valid for past/pre-sale purchases