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Based on 1237 reviews
Configurator Does Not Disappoint!

After much research, I settled on the West3D configurator to build up a 250mm V2.4. All of the options for customization, superb customer service, and timely communications with order questions and updates made this build a fantastic experience overall. Hats off to the team for being able to organize such a great kit.

Good stepper drivers

These were the most cost-effective TMC2209 stepper drivers I could find, and so far they have been holding out well. Temperatures are fine with the including heat sinks doing the job well. Hopefully they will last a long time!

Great support

My order got delayed a month due to a BOM change, but West3d was quick to make it right. I chose to wait it out to get the right parts. I had more than enough parts to build my mercury one, with a few nuts and screw left.

Great cost effective hotend

I initially did research on the best highflow hotends in the market (like Nova or Dragon), and quickly realized that those were around $100, more than my budget. I was able to find this hotend, which turned out to be a great choice for the lower price. It heats up super quickly, and has a the same volumetric flow rate as a normal volcano hotend around 30mm3/s.

Perfect Pins - Excellent shipping

Ordered the steel pins as I found the kit far more useful to me rather than self sourcing them and having extras I doubt I would need or remember what size and usage lol . Anyways super fast shipping, was pulled and sent out same or next day, I received in 4 days or ordering. Parts were exactly what I ordered and fit perfect into my V2.4 parts I printed. I want to order some filament next, but I think Ill pick it up since I am within a short drive I found out. Thank you

Best all around board

I got this as a gift and used this in my Zero G mercury 1 build, and it is outstanding. Love the flexibility for 48volt steppers, 8 steppers, and all sorts of sensors over usb or CAN.

Voron Zip Tie Kit
Dr. Mursey
They're zip ties

They zip, and don't come undone easily with hand tension.

Also do not zip around your fingers to test them.

A must have

Great little package with a lot of headache and heartache saving abilities. Highly recommended for everyone to have one, especially in this kit.

Nice product

Very nice product, highly recommended

Great replacement for stock heater

My stock heater failed, this is a great replacement. West3d team was very helpful.

Kit came with all the shtuff!

Kit came with the shtuff a filament sensor and came in awesomely

The linear rails were fine and appeared to be machined well. However the greasing was a bit messy. The carriages appear to have a dedicated grease port, yet the grease was injected through a screw hole that I had to clean out. I also had to break these in manually, running them end to end 40 times for good measure and smoothness.

These motors are great! Initially I was hesitant to buy them (The Ldo 2504 Ah motors were out of stock), but these proved to be a good replacement for the price (same price, but you get a good extruder motor). They are a little less power hungry, and slower, but still work fine for a CoreXY. The smaller extruder motor was perfect for building a Sherpa mini.

These appeared to be pre-sanded/and or machined to ideal dimensions. They were almost perfect fit with the bearings I bought, and fit snuggly and not to tight in the parts I printed for my Mercury One printer.

Gates belts are probably one of the best brands out there for belts, and they appear very durable. I think they will last a long time on my printer.

This extruder was great for tearing down and building a Sherpa mini extruder, and so far I have not noticed any problems with the gears.

Excellent build surface , great adhesion. Wish they had a magnetic garolite plate and I’d never need anything else. The guys at West3d are top notch as well as their products. A+++

Always buy one of these it’s just worth it

Killer Build Plate

I needed to replace the LDO kit build plate (it was ok), and I’m so glad I chose a West3D replacement. I purchased the plate based on reviews from others on the Voron Discord.

What can I say about this build plate? The PEI side is perfectly smooth; the textured side leaves an excellent finish.

The Toyota Camry of bearings

Nothing fancy, but get the job done.

LDO motors are the sauce

Solid motors for my tri-zero upgrade. Very pleased with how they perform.

I've gone berserk for Berserker rails

Buttery smooth action for my 0.2 upgrade. Worth every penny! All my future builds will be using these!

Amazing Nozzle and Service

The item came to me assembled and ready to use. Shipping was fast and they keep me up to date. I will definitely order my 3D parts and filament from West3D.

Thank you team for your hard work.

This is great quality of life upgrade for a Voron V2

I am just finishing up the build of my first 2 Voron 2.4R2 350 printers. The front door of them just felt flimsy and finicky. I kept knocking the doors loose with the tape and when I used the 270 hinges with the drilled through screws it took way too much effort to get all the alignments right. I ended up in Fusion 360 modifying the hinges to get the fit right. I saw this kit from LDO and I have been impressed with their kits. I ordered a pair of them and I am totally impressed. It is a very solid and elegant solution to the front door. I like that I can just lift the door off the hinges if I need more access (like when I installed the titanium backers). The printer seals up better and the extra clearance is a nice bonus. Definitely worth the effort. I recommend adding these and pitching the original doors, you won't miss them.


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