West3D Voron V2.4 Self-Source Configurator

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Great Kit

Everything you want or don't want in one kit. Want to use different electronics, just change the options. Hardest part on this kit is deciding what you want.

Fantastic customer support when you need it. Daniel and the team at West3d go above and beyond to make sure you have the best customer experience possible.

I have since purchased an ERCFV2 kit from them and the fridge door kit and am looking at getting a V1/Trident kit in the future.

Steven McLenachen
First Printer success

I put together a 2.4 350mm with the self source configurator. This was my first entry to 3d printing so i wanted to not have any surprises on the BOM. West3D promptly replied to any emails and everything i received was great quality.

carmelo gonzales
Configurator Does Not Disappoint!

After much research, I settled on the West3D configurator to build up a 250mm V2.4. All of the options for customization, superb customer service, and timely communications with order questions and updates made this build a fantastic experience overall. Hats off to the team for being able to organize such a great kit.


Please read the note below regarding lead times!

Want to build a Voron, but get rid of all that messy sourcing work? We've done it for you, here is our version of the 'easy button'. We've put together what we feel is a good quality default 'kit' but left the benefits of self-sourcing intact so you can make the Voron that is the best fit for you. This configurator gives you the benefit of a large order discount, saves you sourcing 'screen-time', and the benefit of working with a US based source who can provide prompt support. 

We are moving away from calling this a 'kit' for now as we believe this gives you freedom to choose your own destiny. With that to be successful at building a Voron using this configurator you will require working knowledge of 3D Printers, electronics, wiring/crimping, coding and have patience (amongst I'm sure other things.) If you choose our standard harness you will have to do some crimping still, we provide some connectors free to assist but if you need additional ones you will want to make sure you have those.

If there are configurations you'd like to see added please let us know (info@west3d.com).

Please note:

We are stocking up on products to provide a steady supply, but at times we will not have all the components in warehouse and will be waiting on shipment before your order can ship out. Because of this, currently we are offering this on a 'pre-sale' basis. In some instances we will ship partial kit orders to allow you to begin your build while you wait (e.g. frame+fasteners+motion). While we try to quickly restock, given current popularity and logistical constraints we ask you to please expect roughly 4 weeks for shipment, though this is not a guarantee. Pre-sales are refundable up until the date of shipment less a 3.5% transaction fee (the approximate cost we incur). Configurator orders are not eligible for additional promotional offers.

This BOM in a box does not include:

1. Raspberry Pi

2. Micro-SD Card

3. Loctite

4. Cat6 Keystone


Removing the hot-end means you will not receive a heater cartridge and thermistor, if you need those please add them manual from our product listings. 


If you have questions or wish to get an estimate of current timelines please email us at info@west3d.com or message us on the #west3d channel on the Voron Discord Server. The below table is illustrative, we apologize but it is not fully up to date with configuration options. 

WEST3D V2.4 Configurator - BOM In a Box
Description Quantity Configurable Config 1 Config 2 Config 3 Config 4
Printed Parts 0 YES Printed Parts
West3D BDF Stainless Steel Fasteners - Default 1 YES West3D BDF Stainless Steel Fasteners - Stainless Steel Hammer Head Upgrade West3DBDF All Black
West3D Motion Kit Silver 1 YES West3D Motion Black POWGE Motion Silver POWGE Motion Black Berserker2.4 Motion Kit
West3D Custom MGN9 Rails 6 YES LDO MGN9 Rails West3D MGN9 Black
West3D Custom MGN12 Rails 1 YES LDO MGN12 Rails West3D MGN12 Black
Updated Rubber Feet for V2.4 4 NO
Z PCB 1 YES Sexbolt Microswitch

XY Microswitch PCB
1 YES Microswitches Hall Effect PCB
Omron TL-Q5MC2-Z NPN Inductve Probe 1 NO Klicky Probe (Complete)
Bat85 Diode 1 NO
Panasonic AWA211VL 15A SSR 1 YES Omron G3NA-210B-DC5 10A SSR
Voron 2.4 Motor Kit by OMC / Stepperonline 1 YES LDO V 2.4 Motor Kit
Mean Well LRS-200-24 200W 24V 8.8A Power Supply (PSU) 1 NO Mean Well LRS-200-48 Mean Well UHP-200-24 Mean Well UHP-200-48
Mean Well RS-25-5 25W Power Supply (PSU)
1 NO
ZF - Rocker Switch DPST 16A On-Off - WRG32F2BBRLN 1 YES AC Power Unfiltered Inlet w/ 15A switch 250VAC Inlet IEC-GS-1-100 - Adam Tech
TycoElectronics - 10EHG1-2 Filtered Power Inlet 1
Fuse 8A 250V Holder Cartridge 5 X 20mm Glass
3 NO
GDSTIME DC 24V 40x40x10 Axial Fan GDA4010 1 YES Sunon 4010 Premium MagLev Axial
GDSTIME DC 24V 40x40x20 Centrifugal Blower Fan GDB4020 1 NO
GDSTIME DC 24V 60x60x20 Axial Fan GDA6020 Dual Ball Bearing 5000RPM 1.7W 0.1A XH2.54 3 NO
125C Cutoff 15A Thermal Fuse 1 NO
BTT Octopus Controller Board / 3D Printer Control System 1 YES Octopus PRO 446 Octopus PRO 429 Makerbase Monster8 FYSETC Spider
TMC2209 Stepper Motor Driver / Drivers (BTT) 7 YES TMC226 5160HV
Mini 12864 Display Type B RGB - Choose your color 1 YES PTFT50
Voron v2.4 USA Frame Kit (Please note, we may use LDO frames on black selections) 1 YES
Bowden / PTFE Tube 4mm OD 3mm ID 3 NO
6mm x 3mm Round Neomydium Magnets 8 NO
Bowden Coupler for 4mm OD PTFE Tube 1 NO
5mm x 10m Single Sided Self Adhesive Tape / 1mm thick 1 NO
BMG Components Kit by TriangleLab Hardened Steel 1 YES BMG Components Kit Nano Coated RNC
Wiring Harness for Voron 2.4 / Trident 1 YES Linneo DIY FEP Wiring Harness GleipnerHarness
Generic Cable Chain Sets for V2.4 1 YES IGUS Cable Chain Set
Mandala Roseworks ABS Panels Black 1 YES Mandala Roseworks ABS Panels Smoked
Mandala Roseworks Acrylic Panels Black 1 YES Mandala Roseworks Acrylic Panels White
Voron 2.4 Build MIC6 Aluminum Build Plate 1 YES Mandala Roseworks Ultraflat Magbed
Keenovo Silicone Heater / Heating Pad 1 YES Fermio Style
Magnetic Flex Plate Double-Sided (Texture - Smooth) with 3M Magnetic Backing (Energetic & West3D Collab) 1 YES
Phaetus Dragonfly Hotend (BMS) 1 YES TriangleLab / Phaetus Rapdio HF (add $10 for UHF) The Mosquito Hotend
50W 24V Heater Cartridge with 100CM cable 1 YES 50W Heater Cartidge - 24V Slice Engineering
PT1000 Thermistor Cartridge (450C) 1 YES Pt1000 Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Thermistor Thermistor High Temperature - 300C
Mobil Mobilux EP2 10ml filled syringe with blunt tips 1 NO
Large Printed Parts Decal 1 NO
Voron Design Decal 1 NO
Din Rails (Pair) 1 NO
Din Clamp 1 NO
Wire Connectors 3 NO
Wire Connectors DIN 2 NO
ADXL345 1 NO
C13 Power Cord 1 NO
ZipTies, VHB Tape + Other Misc. 1 NO


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