Effective August 7th 2023

We're delighted to announce a major change to the West3D experience...

We opened West3D thinking it would be nice to have a place to get 3D printing components that weren't easy to come by. Since then we've grown from the tremendous support of you and others in the community that have trusted your builds, upgrades and modifications to us.

Today we begin to show our appreciation in a new way...

West3D Rewards Program with no cost or subscription, just free products and discounts for being part of our community. Our way of saying THANKS.

This program is brand new for us, and we will be learning what you find valuable over the course of the next year making changes and enhancements based on your feedback. Initially we've identified 4 tiers to reward our customers and community members who trust us with their 3D printing needs.

  1. Member Tier:

    Where everyone starts. Earn points for every purchase to redeem for great prizes, including free products, shipping, and discount codes.

  2. Green Tier - Earned at 600 points: 

    Member Tier Plus...

    Free West3D Product (currently West3Delicious hot sauce):

    Exclusive 2% discount on every order with code: GREEN

  3. Black - VIP Status Tier - Earned at 1000 points

    Green Tier Plus...

    Free West3D Merch (currently a West3D t-shirt)

    Exclusive 3% discount on every order with code: BLACK

    Extra one time 5% order discount

  4. BERSERKER Tier - Earned at 1500 points 

    Black VIP Tier Plus...

    Free Merch (currently a West3D hat)

    Exclusive 5% discount on every order with code: BERSERKER

    Extra one time 15% discount on BERSERKER Products

    Free Shipping codes

In addition to receiving bonuses on tiers, you may also redeem points at any time for great prizes and rewards. Currently we have:

West3Delicious hot sauce = 300 points

Free Shipping = 700 points

10% order discount = 1000 points

We will be expanding redemption options over the course of the year.

You can earn points currently by:

Placing an order, writing a product review, engaging with us on social media (e.g. subscribe to YouTube, like Facebook page etc.), or earning a birthday reward. Additional activities will be rolled out over the course of the year.

Please note terms and conditions may be found in our terms of service. 


West3D Updates its Review System

Since inception, we have utilized a platform built-in review system. While this system works for orders placed on our site, it misses a lot of features that are valuable to our customers making an informed decision. 

We are launching a new system using the Judge.me system. A few of the enhancements contained are:

  • This system allows you to ask questions about products directly from the product page, and allows answers to be shared to help future customers who may have the same question. 
  • Allowing for reviews with photo and video media
  • Syndicated reviews are visible (these are reviews about our product from our others sales channels, such as the shop app). Note these are still reviews from our store but creates a single review system across all our sales platforms
  • Enhanced review validation to rule out spam and fake reviews
  • Integration with our new rewards system, allowing you to earn points for reviews submitted.
  • Direct requests for reviews for products after they've been received to help increase the number of reviews in our system. 

Enhanced Data Privacy settings

West3D has implemented a variety of changes to its site the last week focused on giving you more control of your data. These include a privacy/cookie settings bar that give you control over how we and our partners store and handle your data and a "do not sell or share my information" page which for jurisdictions where it is required the option to opt out of any data sharing. Please note, we do not sell or share your information with third parties outside our direct partners (e.g. machine shop that sends panels) and installed third-party apps (such as those we use to process rewards etc.). We do not do any additional sharing and no customer information is used outside out ecosystem.

Please bear with us as these are major enhancements and there may be some kinks to work out at the beginning. If you have any feedback or think we can improve the user experience please let us know at info@west3d.com