2-piece Hartk Stealthburner Toolhead PCB by LDO Motors

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This comes completely assembled with no need for soldering anything on the PCB. This is the board that is included with newer LDO Trident and V2.4 kits

The second PCB plugs into the main PCB, specifically made to connect your 4010/5015 fan and LEDs by soldering to the PCB. It is intended as an additional convenience piece.  

The Stealthburner PCB is based on hartk's two piece toolhead PCB design. The design consists of:

  1. The main toolhead PCB - which installs into the wiring enclose in the side of the Clockwork 2 extruder.
  2. The fan adapter PCB - which installs onto the back of the 5015 fan in the Stealthburner main body.

While the LDO stealthburner PCB uses the same PCB outline as the hartk's design, it uses a different circuit design. The LDO version is designed to be completely compatible with the original LDO breakout PCB (see below) while requiring only a small number of cable modifications for those upgrading from the old LDO afterburner PCB.

Pinout: Main Toolhead PCB

The table below briefly describes the purpose of each port located on the toolhead PCB. 

PCB Label Name Connector Description
HE0 Hotend Heater E0508 Ferrule Port for hotend heater cartridge.
TH0 Hotend Thermistor JST-XH-2P Thermistor port for hotend
XES X Endstop JST-XH-2P X endstop port. Only used in Switchwire builds, unused in V2 and Trident.
PROBE Probe JST-XH-3P Probe port. Accepts 24V inductive probes, also compatible with klicky probes.
E-STEP E Stepper Motor JST-XH-4P Extruder stepper motor port
CT Chamber Thermistor JST-XH-2P Connects to an external thermistor for more accurate chamber temperature readings.
  Fan Adapter Header 2x8 M-Header Plugs into the female header on the Fan Adapter PCB
  Toolhead Cable Microfit3-14P This port connects to the 14pin toolhead cable.
  Neopixel Cable Microfit3-2P This port connects to the 2pin neopixel cable. 

Pinout: Fan Adapter PCB

The table below briefly describes the purpose of each port located on the toolhead PCB. 

PCB Label Name Connector Description
HEF+/A1/HEF- Hotend Fan* JST-PH-3P Fan port for cooling the hotend heatsink. 24V/5V selectable, defaults to 24V.
PCF+/A2/PCF- Part Cooling Fan* JST-PH-3P Port for part cooling fan. 24V/5V selectable, defaults to 24V.
5V/GND/LED Neopixel JST-PH-3P For connecting to the neopixel chain on the stealthburner.
  Toolhead Cable 2x8 F-Header Plugs into the male header on the main toolhead PCB

*The hotend fan and part fan can be independently changed to 5V in two steps: 

  1. Severe the 24V connection by cutting the trace between the 24V pad and V_HEF/V_PCF pad
  2. Make a soldered bridge connection between the 5V pad and V_HEF/V_PCF pad

 More information can be found here.


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