50W Heater Cartridge - 24V

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Ryan Dunkley
Great Heater

I love this heater cartridge. I've bought several from various places, including West3d. They are super fast to heat-up, well built, and consistent in their heating. I especially like the wire coating as it does a good job of protecting the wires and it feels very premium (silly, I know).


Product Description:

Like upgrading the engine in your car, suddenly an unsuspecting machine can compete with the top of the line. The 50W Heater Cartridge takes your 3D printer and opens a whole new world of engineering-grade plastics that other off-the-shelf desktop printers can’t come close to.* Things like Nylon, Ultem, PEEK, and other plastics you always wanted to use for molds, medical devices, end use parts, or automotive components are now within your reach.


Take the raw power of your 3D printer to the next level with a simple plug and play modification. Designed for effortless use, implementation, and reliability. We use 1.2 meter cables that make it easy to reach the control board of even the largest printer.


Do you want to see your unsuspecting printer churn out engineering-grade plastics without breaking a sweat?


Use in conjunction with Boron Nitride Paste for the highest accuracy results.

Leads can be cut to length to accommodate your printer's connector.


Primary benefits:

Pump more power into your 3D printer with a high power density 50W heater cartridge.

24V - no connectors:

  • Hardcore 321SS cartridge improves longevity and durability
  • 22 mm long
  • Diameter sized to fit into a 6 mm H7 tolerance hole
  • Terminated leads are 1.2 m in length
  • 50W power output

*Some 3D desktop printers are capped at a certain temperature for safety reasons, and the manufacturer won't lift it. Check with your printer model to see if it allows you to print at your desired temperature.


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