BDF ZeroG Mercury One Ender Conversion Fastener Kit (Zero G)

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West3D is bringing it's storied Best Damn Fastener "BDF" kits to support the Mercury One! The Mercury One is an open source conversion for the Ender 5 (and 5+) to a Core XY. Please note- current batch supports Ender 5, if you need this for an Ender 5+ please include that as a note on your order requesting 7 extra M3x8 bolts and 12 M3 T-Nuts and we will include them. 

This fastener kit comes with all the fasteners (and extras of each in case a the screw monster eats one) you could need for your Mercury One build. If you want the best damn fastener ("BDF") kit on the market, that won't make that beast of a printer you're building cry when its covered in rust, this is the kit you need. We have tested these fasteners against other suppliers, and even other sellers and can tell you definitively this is the best, and most complete kit on the market.

Below are a list of parts included, their quantities and associated material. 

Description Quantity Material
M5X50 SHCS 10 SS304 
M5X25 SHCS 8 SS304 
M5X20 SHCS 5 SS304
M5X16 SHCS 4 SS304
M5X12 SHCS 4 SS304
M5X10 SHCS 9 SS304
M3X30 SHCS 2 SS304
M3X25 SHCS 3 SS304
M3X20 SHCS 9 SS304
M3X16 SHCS 3 SS304
M3X8 SHCS 35 SS304
M5x10x1 Shim Ring 25 SS304
M3 Washer 3 SS304
M3 Hexnut 2 SS304
M5 Hexnut 6 SS304
M3 Roll-in T-Nut 20 nickel plated
M5 Roll-in T-Nut 24 nickel plated
M3X5X4 Heatset Insert 8 Brass

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