Berserker Gleipnir PTFE Toolhead Cable / Wiring Harness for Voron 2.4/Trident

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Live this harness! Good wire, proper lengths, and well organized for easy install. Will definitely be buying again as needed.

Colby W
Perfect fit, easy install

Just re-wired my Voron 2.4 build with this PTFE harness to replace an old Silicone wire harness I was using. The Berserker Harness is slightly longer than needed giving it enough slack to bend in without stressing the cables. It made rigging my extruder assembly with the new Stealth burner PCB and 5V for a Super-Pinda probe substantially easier.
Just as a note, this harness is for the Extruder, and X / Y Endstops, and does not include wires for the A / B gantry motors.


Gleipnir is the binding that holds the mighty Voron. The Gods had attempted to wire Voron twice before with huge chains of metal, FEP, silicone, and PVC but Voron was able to break free both times. Therefore, they commissioned West3D to forge a chain that would tame the Voron. To create a chain to achieve the impossible, West3D's community partner RavenMech fashioned the chain out of six supposedly impossible things:

  • The sound of a cat's footfall
  • The beard of a woman
  • The roots of a mountain
  • The sinews of a bear
  • The breath of a fish
  • The spittle of a bird

This harness is a pre-crimped toolhead harness. It comes pre-crimped for an Octopus controller board, going to a Stealthburner PCB (compatible with and instructions included also for Afterburner PCB) and an X/Y microswitch PCB endstop (with JST).

As a package we can include the PCBs and XY and Z Endstop PCBs for your convenience and savings. 

We also optionally include a DIY Electronics kit (pictured), this kit includes 10 meters of 18AWG PVC wire (colors may vary) for your non-moving electronics, Spade and fork terminals, zip ties, a jumper cable, a JST connector kit, heat shrink tubing, and an assortment of molex connectors, including 14-pin. 

We carry these in multiple sizes based on your kit length, however we primarily carry the 350mm size as it works for smaller builds. 


Important we and the manufacturer highly encourage you to review the Product Instructions before use. Wiring is one of the more serious aspects of build and it's important you do it right, this is why there is so much focus on providing you with a high quality option.

We also have a printed part file for the Gleipnir Comb you see on the picture.


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