BERSERKER VINDR Ultra-Performance 4010 Blower Fan 24V 4010B-24V-A 40x10mm

BerserkerSKU: 4010B-24V-A-1

Style: Non-PWM
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Jose Jimenez Chavez
First fan to not die as a bedfan at 120C+ chamber

Hello! While I presume these fans aren't likely rated for the enviornment I've put them in, they're not complaing to much!

I was going to eventually likely change my airflow set up, but these let me delay that for now :) pretty much any other fans, except for my large 120mm fans have died.


Ended up using these fans for the DragonBurner and they are wonderful quality and have good air flow!

Nice fan

These are a quality fan


Taking inspiration from two thousand years of viking shipbuilding, which when aided by strong vindr were the fastest in the world,  BERSERKER - the brand representing unparalleled quality introduces its newest line of 3D printer components, Vindr (Norse for "Wind") Fans. These fans were diligently sourced and each fan in the lineup have been tested to outperform any readily available fan on the market today (this fan performed 35% better than the performance fan we tested). These are designed to withstand high temperature environments, with an Insulation Class F rating (155C).

There’s a non PWM version and a PWM version (coming soon), please note the non-PWM version does not allow you to control fan speed, it’ll be blowing air at full blast when turned on (or won’t when power is below ~90%). This version is cheaper, and is great for applications such as nevermore or bed fans.

Please note,  because there's no B's with Berserker stuff, it's all A's so we just decided to remove the "B" from our brand name for the first batch of labels. (Ok, the supplier messed up - enjoy piece of history!)


Current: DC

Voltage: 24V

CFM: 3.2

Bearing: Dual Ball

Wire: 2-wire 300mm length

Speed: 10000 RPM +/-10%

Insulation Class: F (155C)

Please note, with all fans, the longer you operate in a high temperature environment, the higher the wear and shorter the life is expected.

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