Bowden / PTFE Tube 4mm OD 3mm ID

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Color: White
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awesome fep tuning!!! always have extras on hand

Black, and black is best

As the description says, this is a long cylinder with a hole down the middle made out of slippery bendyness. This is perfect for use as the filament feeder tube to the extruder, but not something to order to go between the extruder and the hotend... for that you want a 1.8 to 2.0mm Internal Diameter.

I bought this because it's PTFE, the ID is 3mm, OD is 4mm, and it 's black. I am happy to confirm these four things correctly and fully describe this tube.

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This is your normal, everyone needs and therefore everyone should have it PTFE tube. Will work for all filaments and 4mm couplers.

Order these by the meter (e.g. quantity 2 = 2 meters) I can cut these however you wish though, so if you want special cuts of your tube please place a note when checking out.

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