BTT 60V Octopus PRO Controller Board / 3D Printer Control System

BTTSKU: BT0002297

Variant: 446
Sale price$63.99


This is one sweet board, so sweet we carry two versions of it. The Octopus Pro has been boosted to 60V! Perfect for an all out, or future proof build.

The key difference between the 446 and the 429 variant is the 429 has an upgraded board (SMT32F429ZGT6) with 1M memory vs 512K with the 446.

From BTT:

  • Product Size: 160x100mm

  • Mounting Size: 150x90mm

  • Input Voltage: DC15-28V

  • Motor Input Voltage: 12~60V, each one is optional

  • Driver Input Level: 5V

  • Support Wifi Module: ESP8266 (MAX500k/s)

  • HV Drive: MAX8

  • Driver Working Model: UART, SPI, STEP/DIR

  • File Format: G-code

  • Thermistor: NTC 100K*5+Onboard MAX31865 chip (weld-free switched 2/4-wire PT100/PT1000)

  • Expanded Interface: Broken material detection, power failure, power off, BLTouch, etc.

  • Motherboard protector level conversion chip.

  • On-board MAX31865.

  • Main control chip: ARM Cortex-M4 series.

  • 6 CNC fans and 2 normal fans.

  • Type C interface for online printing

  • Support Firmware: Marlin, Kilpper, RepRap

Additional information can be found on GitHub, including the User guide: 


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