BTT EBB SB2240 CAN bus PCB for Stealthburner w/ Harness and Connectors - Complete


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As expected

All components looked and worked great.

I have not (yet, at least) encountered the issue described in other comments here as well as elsewhere online having to do with the stepper motor faulting out during printing. I did add a 1MOhm resistor between my power supply 0V and Earth terminals to try to mitigate this issue, but I did not couple the motor itself to the chassis ground (which should also be required to fully mitigate the issue). Time will tell. As far as I know, Big Tree Tech have not modified the design to mitigate the issue, so it _should_ still be present.

Pete T
Better connector size on this one

While very similar to the other version BTT puts out, this one has better connectors to deal with. Not the pico things from the other version. I have both and they both do the same thing. Same yourself the small connector headaches and get this one if you are on the fence on what one to get.

David Bjørklund
Works - then doesn’t!

Zero stars.
This product should not be sold. It is flawed. I had it working fine for some time, then got the undervoltage problem. Then got a fix that made it work but introduced zwobble lile ripple in my print (i am running belts on my z so this is not possible) but I managed to make a print. But then shortly after - undervoltage error again and now nothing can be completed. Keep away from this device!


Please read and note the installation instructions and other information found on GitHub here. Want to learn a little more about CANbus? Check out our YouTube introduction to CAN.




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