BTT EBB SB2240 CAN bus PCB for Stealthburner w/ Harness and Connectors - Complete


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Adam Lindsay
SB2240 Under Voltage

I bought this last week and managed to get it up and running on my Voron 2.4R2

I can confirm that these boards have issues. I am also having an undervoltage issue seen by others relating to the TMC2240.

I tried chaning a number of settings seen here:

including stepping down the current to the extruder to .55 instead of .65 which is the reccommened stock.

Im pretty upset with BTT on this I spent nearly 5 hours unwiring then rewiring my printer to install this.

Made my printer virtually unusable. I will be replacing it with another canbus setup.

I have used West3D for a number of parts for my voron and wish this site only the best, but you should pull this from your site. It is not worth the time or money.

Justin Garcia

Still waiting myself for the under voltage errors issue. Also please be aware that the PT1000 and 100NTC cables for your Hotend won't exactly line up to the spec with the BTT's terminal. It will crimp poorly due to the cable diameter and bending tolerance. I had to just remove the terminal completely and modify it with its own legs for standard angled GPIO legs. That thermistor connector is a pain.

Shane Jackson
Awesome source for parts

Always have had what I needed in stock at affordable prices and quick turn around! I could not be more pleased! Thank you West3d!


Please read and note the installation instructions and other information found on GitHub here. Want to learn a little more about CANbus? Check out our YouTube introduction to CAN.




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