BTT Manta M4P Klipper Controller Board / 3D Printer Control System using CB1/CM4


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Tired of the Pi problem?  MANTA M4P motherboard is a 4 driver, 32-bit printer motherboard for Klipper firmware.

We conveniently sell the CB1 module for this board, you can find it here.


The Manta M4P is a great choice for Klipper printers like the Voron V0


1. DSI1, CSI1 interface (for CM4)

2. Gigabit Ethernet interface (1000M for CM4, 100M for CB1)

3. 3 USB 2.0 ports

4. Equipping the ESD protection chip on the USB and Ethernet ports to prevent being broken down by the static electricity

5. When working with Raspberry Pi CM4, its 40pin pin header has the same function

as that of Raspberry Pi(Custom IO for CB1)

6. Using a BTB board-to-board connection, which can be further reinforced with

screws, perfectly compatible with CB1 or Raspberry Pi CM4

7. The MCU adopts STM32G0B0RE 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ @64MHz chip

8. The power chip adopts TPS5450-5A, which supports DC12/24V power input, the output current of the chip is up to 5A, and the peak value can reach 6A, which perfectly supports the power supply of the core board

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