BTT Manta M8P Klipper Controller Board / 3D Printer Control System using CB1/CM4


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Love the Raspberry Pi integration and ease of setup.

Simion Balanuta
Compact and powerful board

These boards are a awesome purchase if you want to make your electronics bay more compact or if the space is at a premium, comes with everything you have on the Octopus and then some!

Christopher Meier
great board

I cant recommend the manta series boards enough. I love them for a streamlined board, and combined with a cb1, its a very good setup for any klipper machine.


Tired of the Pi problem?  MANTA M8P motherboard is an 8 driver, 32-bit printer motherboard for Klipper firmware. Plug in the core board to run the Klipper firmware, which greatly simplifies the connection between the motherboard and the Raspberry Pi, and saves a lot of money. In the installation space in the chassis, the BTB seat is reserved on the motherboard, so that customers can choose to use CM4 or other solutions to solve the current expensive problem of CM4.

The Manta M8P is a great choice for Klipper printers like the Voron V2.4, Trident etc. 

We conveniently sell the CB1 module for this board, you can find it here.

1. Adopt 32-bit main frequency 64MHz ARM Cortex-M0 series STM32G0B1VET6 main control chip;

2. The power supply chip adopts TPS5450-5A, which supports DC12/24V power input. The output current of the chip is up to 5A, and the peak value is up to 6A, which perfectly supports the power supply of Raspberry Pi;

3. The motherboard reserves the BOOT button, and users can update the motherboard boot program through DFU;

4. The 24V, 12V, and 5V voltages of the CNC fans are optional, eliminating the need for the customer to operate an external transformer module, thereby reducing the chance of damage to the motherboard;

5. The thermistor can select the pull-up resistance value through the jumper, in this way, it supports PT1000 without external module, which is convenient for customers to use DIY;

6. MCU firmware can be upgraded through SD card, or MCU firmware can be updated through DFU through Klipper's make flash command;

7. The main board and the core board use the BTB connection method, so that other core board solutions other than CM4 can be selected;

8. Support material break detection, shutdown, BLTouch, RGB lights and other functions


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