BTT Octopus Controller Board / 3D Printer Control System

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This is one sweet board, perfect for a Voron build.

    • ARM Cortex-M4 STM32F446ZET6 32-bit microcontroller at 180MHz
    • Support for Klipper and Marlin firmwares
    • Interfaces for Raspberry Pi (USB and UART by GPIO)
    • Up to 4 hotends available
    • Integrated DCDC to provide 12V(4A), 5V(8A) and 3.3V(1A) power supply
    • Up to 6 controllable fans and 2 without control with the possibility of voltage selection (Vin, 12V and 5V)
    • Protection against short circuit on fans, something very important since it is one of the most common problems
    • USB-C connector that allows serial emulation to print using USB
    • Compatibility with almost any screen
    • High performance MOSFETs, improve heating speed and efficiency
    • Protection fuses easily replaceable
    • Double motor output for the Z axis
    • Improvements in the bootloader, supporting the update by USB (recommended) and DFU (advanced users)
    • 32K EEPROM (AT24C32)
    • Connectors for RGB LEDs and Neopixel
    • Connector for WiFi interface 
    • PT100 interface (requires INA8 amplifier 26AIDR welded to plate in socket)
    • Protection against short circuit in thermistors, another great improvement applied to the fans. It allows reusing these pins for other tasks with a pin that bypasses these protections
    • BLTouch support and the like with a connector intended for them and usable by other ABL systems. The PROBE port was added extra protection with an optocoupler so as not to need to use a BAT85 diode
    • CAN BUS via ethernet connector for future expansion modules
    • SPI BUS expansion port for SPI modules such as MAX31865
    • I2C BUS expansion port for I2C modules
    • Support for modules Relay and UPS


    BTT Octopus FYSETC Spider
    Processor Cortex-M4 STM32F446 (180MHz) Cortex-M4 STM32F446 (180MHz) 
    Drivers 8 drivers 8 drivers 
    Hotends 4 hotends + 1 heatbed 3 hotends + 1 heatbed
    Fans 8 connectors (5V, 12V, 24V) 6 connectors (5V, 12V, 24V)
    6 manageable + 2 normal 3 manageable + 3 normal
    Endstops 8 Endstops 6 Endstops 
    Power 4 connectors  3 connectors 
    BLTouch Yes, dedicated connector Yes 
    Sensorless Yes  Yes 
    CANBus Yes  Yes 
    Raspberry Pi Yes  Yes 

    (source: - review for a major cheat sheet on this board!)

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