BTT U2C 3 CAN Out Interface Module Connect for CAN bus 36/42 Klipper Expansion


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Use this as the connection interface between your MCU, CAN bus and Raspberry Pi.

Additional details can be found on GitHubWant to learn a little more about CANbus? Check out our YouTube introduction to CAN.

Rich CAN interface.
Support CAN bus connection, long data transmission, strong anti-noise ability, strong real-time performance and high reliability.
Support firmware update for the master through SWD or hardware DFU.
TYPE-C port ESD protection to prevent static electricity from damaging hardware.
The surface of the PCB adopts the immersion gold process.

Specification: Item: U2C 1.1
Material: PCB
Size: approx. 8.545x2.535cm/3.36x1in

Package Includes: 1PC x U2C Module

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