CHC (Ceramic Heater Core) Hot End Kit - V6 and Volcano Variants (Pro)

Style: V6 (104-NT Standard)
Sale price$27.99

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Great cost effective hotend

I initially did research on the best highflow hotends in the market (like Nova or Dragon), and quickly realized that those were around $100, more than my budget. I was able to find this hotend, which turned out to be a great choice for the lower price. It heats up super quickly, and has a the same volumetric flow rate as a normal volcano hotend around 30mm3/s.

Responsive and helpful

I have always been well served by West3D. I have asked for help ensuring my orders were sent out ASAP, and the team has always done their best to help. They are a great partner in keeping my printers up and running and I will continue to use them for my 3D printing needs.

Increasing flow..?!!

This thing is awesome. I love it. Like my favorite product I've bought so far. Heat up times are super fast, and it increases flow (not by much, but it does!)


This is basically a super V6 - it uses the same components as a V6 (or Volcano Variant depending on which you choose) with an upgraded ceramic heater core. The benefits are better flow and faster heating at a price much more affordable than a Rapido which shares a similar heater core element. 

  • V6 (or Volcano) Brass Nozzle (.4mm)
  • CHC Cermamic Heater core
  • Stainless Steel Heat Break
  • V6 Heatsink

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