Clicky-Clack Fridge Door Kit for Voron Trident by LDO Motors - Complete kit with panels


Size: 250
Color: Black
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Nice Kit love it include the pc panel

Trident 300 Cube CCFD

This door is great and greatly improved over stock doors. I's nice that it's easily removable too. Comes with everything you need except I used some hammerhead m3 nuts I had on hand to mount the hinges and latch.

Jason ODonnell
Best door mod for Trident!

LDO made this a super simple mod with the kit. So much better than the stock door, highly recommended!


Clicky-Clack Fridge Door Kit designed by whopping, a great one piece door makes for smooth and satisfying opening and closing (and clicking!) smoothly and close with nice sound.

This kit comes with a premium Cast Acrylic front panel and all the extrusions and hardware required (no printed parts).

Please note - because extrusions were anodized in a different batch than your LDO printer kit there might be a slight variation between color. This is true for all LDO Clicky-Clack Fridge Door Kits sold.

The purchase of this item helps support the designer of this mod. Thank you for your contribution to this community.

Check out our short video providing an overview of the set we installed on Allen's V2! (Please note, this Clicky-Clack door is for a TRIDENT!) You may need 3mm thick tape, we have it here.

From GitHub
Inspired by Doc's fridge door mod and the EZBake Trident Doom conversion, I set out to design a hinge and latch system that could securely close an extrusion-framed door against 3mm foam tape, while also yielding some satisfying sounds.

This solution is what fit the bill for me. The door opens smoothly, and can be easily removed from the hinges simply by lifting up. The latch mechanism actually draws the door closed against the sealing foam when closed, and clicks shut with the help of some magnets. It makes nice sounds.

For more information please see the GitHub (including STL files)

If you experience any door droop due to the weight of the door, a user has created a mod for it.

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